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Off Road: ATV Tires

Feeling like throwing some mud?

ATV tires have to be able to hold up to tough punishment, and also don’t have to reach highway speeds. That means they need heavy-duty casings and tread formulations, low tire pressures, aggressive tread and a level of traction and control that you’ll never see with street tires. ATV tires also usually are made from a softer rubber compound for extra traction (but also have to be rigid enough to handle well at higher speeds). ATV tires, in other words, have to be able to hold up under some really extreme conditions, and get you all the way through to the other side of where you’re heading. Have a look at our recommendations for some great ATV tires:

  • Bridgestone Dirt Hook DH05 – This low-pressure tire from Bridgestone is designed for clawing your way through dirt, with an open tread pattern and tough four-ply nylon construction.

  • BKT W207 – BKT builds them tough, with a six-ply reinforced casing for puncture resistance. The aggressive large knobs at the shoulder wrap down the sidewall for extra traction in ruts; deep tread and open wings help the tires eject mud and dirt. Each lug features dimpled elements in the tread for extra biting surfaces; soft rubber compound helps add traction without sacrificing service life.

  • Carlisle A-C-T Series – Designed for off-road work, the Carlisle A-C-T series of tires feature an aggressive ¾” lug and an open tread design for self-cleaning. The Carlisle A-C-T delivers a smooth ride along with excellent traction in all conditions.

  • Carlisle AT489II—This larger-size tire from Carlisle is designed with a paddle-style tread pattern, tough multi-ply casing and reinforced sidewalls, as a replacement for OEM tire fitments.

  • Kenda ATV Tires – Kenda has been around since the early 60s, and has earned a reputation for innovation and quality in tire design and manufacturing. The Kenda Bearclaw, introduced in 1994, set a new standard for performance and durability in ATV tires, with a tear-resistant rubber compound, six-ply casing and aggressive tread pattern. Kenda now makes an entire line of ATV tires, for mud, snow, sand and racing conditions.

One thing for sure…if you’re out on your ATV, you do not want to be sidelined with a blown or flat tire. We’ve got all kinds of suggestions for ATV tires that can keep you going in the roughest conditions!