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Simple Tire Review: Mud Terrain Tires

Mud terrain tires have to do more than just look tough – they have to get you into the rough places and get you back out again. Mud terrain tires typically have an aggressive tread and deep lugs with self-cleaning bars to eject mud and stones. They also usually feature a rubber compound that’s suitable for off-road or on a dry highway, and extra layers of steel belts and nylon reinforcement in the tread and sidewall to resist punctures and cuts from rocks and other obstacles. In other words…mud terrain tires are just tough tires that mean business once you get off-road!

·       Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with KevlarYes, that’s right…the same Kevlar that goes into body armor is now incorporated into Goodyear’s mud terrain tires. The tread on the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is molded into an asymmetric pattern, with advanced mud-flow features to clean mud and debris out of the lugs. Shoulder blocks and a wraparound tread on the upper sidewall enhance traction in rough country. Internally, the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar uses twin steel belts and Kevlar in the sidewall for a tire that’s 35% more cut and puncture resistant than the original Wrangler MT/R.

·       Dean Wildcat EXT Radial LT The Dean Wildcat EXT Radial LT is a great-looking, aggressive mud terrain tire with deep shoulder lugs and a chunky center zone of traction elements. The shoulder lugs feature a unique alternating scallop pattern for traction, and the tread is pre-drilled for traction studs in severe weather. Steel cords help protect the tread from impact and punctures, and help provide a wide, flat footprint for maximum road contact. Available in blackwall and outlined white letter styles.

·       Toyo Open Country M/T Designed for pickup drivers who demand more out of their vehicles when it comes to off-road capability and hauling. The unique, innovative hook-shaped blocks on the Toyo Open Country M/T mean excellent traction off-road while still maintaining good highway manners. At the shoulders, open, scalloped blocks bite into the dirt and are designed to eject mud, snow and rocks; deep sipes in the tread blocks enhance grip on wet surfaces. The Toyo Open Country M/T bears the industry’s mountain/snowflake stamp on the sidewall for true winter traction and performance.

·       Federal Couragia M/T The ultimate mud terrain tire from Federal! The Couragia M/T features an incremental block edge and an innovative radius of sub-grooves for off-road performance. At the shoulders, large, aggressive lugs help protect the Federal Couragia M/T from bruise, impact and cuts encountered off-road. The SRG (Sloped Radius Gradient) block design gives some real off-road traction with a stiffened tread block. The Federal Couragia M/T’s advanced tread compound is designed for resistance to cuts, chips and abrasions as well as a long service life and even tread wear.