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Let's Talk About Tire Warranties

What kind of warranties do my tires come with?

We live in a world full of uncertainty. As a result, many tire buyers want security and protection against damage, quick wearing, or defective products. Naturally, customers want to know how much insurance they are purchasing with their tire. Smart tire buyers always ask about what warranties come with their purchase.


Manufacturer’s Workmanship Warranty

What is itA workmanship build warranty is a company’s way of backing the product that they sell. In the tire world, it covers any irregular wear, chipping, cracking, broken beads, out of rounds, or other tire defects. Most tire defects are found before installation, so it is always a good idea to examine the tire as soon as you receive it, or have your mechanic inspect for defects before mounting the tire on your rim.

Does my tire qualifyYes, generally all tires sold nowadays have some kind of manufacturer’s workmanship warranty. Name brands like Goodyear, Toyo, and Hankook have product information on their websites that can explain their warranty details in full. If you are buying a lesser known tire brand, you can always ask the Salesperson helping you about warranty coverage as well.

How do I claim itIf you suspect your tire has a tire defect, get the tire inspected from a mechanic immediately. If there are visible signs of defect, like cracking or bead damage, take pictures of the damage. It is recommended to go back to where you bought the tire to help you file the claim, because that company will know how to contact and process claims with tire manufacturer. Simple Tire handles warranty claims like this all the time. If you purchased your tire from Simple Tire, please contact Customer Support or email for further details.


Treadlife Warranty

What is itTreadlife warranties are limited warranties that offer an idea how many miles you can expect to travel on these tires. This information is beneficial to consumers, because they would have an idea of many miles they can travel on tires before needing replacement. Because these treadlife warranties are limited, they are easily voided. As a result, they are used more as a marketing tool by tire companies than as actual warranties.

Does my tire qualifyIf your tire is eligible for a treadlife warranty, on Simple Tire you will see this listed under the tire description (left). After purchase, there are certain requirements, like standard maintenance, you must have done to make sure you do not void the warranty. First, keep your installation invoice the day the tires are put on, so you can track how many miles were put on the odometer since that day. Next, be regular with tire rotations, alignments, and have the tires checked for proper air pressure regularly; keep proof of these receipts as well. Lastly, and most importantly, all four tires need to wear evenly to qualify for warranty, if tires wear sooner than others it indicates to the manufacturer that these tires weren’t properly maintained and the warranty is void

How do I claim it After keeping comprehensive records of service and you believe your treadlife warranty is intact, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the tire, Simple Tire agents would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Simple Tire Road Hazard Warranty



What is itA road hazard warranty covers tire replacement, for certain tires damaged by obstacles found on the road. A number of things can happen while driving that can cause road damage to tires. Open sidewall splices, sidewall separation, cuts, snags, bruises, and tread impact due to potholes, curbs, nails etc. are all covered by purchasing a Road Hazard warranty. Simple Tire’s Road Hazard covers the first 25% of the tire's tread life or 1 year from date of purchase, whichever comes first.

Does my tire qualifyRoad Hazard is available from Simple Tire for all passenger tires except 40 series and below and 19 diameters and above. The series is the 'ratio' field and diameter is size of tire; if the tire is 225/70R15, the series is 70 and diameter is 15. If the ratio field is 40 or less or the diameter is 19 or higher, road hazard is not available. Other stores may offer road hazard in other sizes, if your tires don’t qualify. More information can be found here:https://simpletire.com/road_hazard

How do I claim itIf your tire qualifies, you can purchase a road hazard warranty at 10% of the tire cost; if, in the first year your tire is damaged beyond repair, then Simple Tire will replace your tire including shipping at no additional charge. Call Simple Tire Customer Support, you may be asked to provide proof of the damage and once verified a new tire will be on its way. If, for whatever reason, your tire is unavailable, Simple Tire will credit back your cost of the tire.

- John Langan