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Carlisle Lawn and Garden Tires

Lawn and garden tires, of course, are a different design altogether.

Think about what a riding mower does…it doesn’t ever go fast, it has to get good traction on grass, and it has to be gentle on the surface of the grass itself. Lawn and garden tires, then, are usually fairly wide to disperse the weight of the mower or tractor as much as possible. They also typically will use an inner tube and don’t have an especially robust construction since they don’t have to hold up at high speeds (believe it or not, there’s actually a designation in the tire speed rating system that applies to lawn and garden tires).

Lawn tires will usually have a turf tread pattern and balanced profile, for residential zero-turn mowers, golf carts, riding mowers, utility vehicles and the like, designed to baby the most delicate turf conditions. Garden tires will often have a chevron-style tread to dig into dirt and provide some real traction for tractors, garden tractors and other utility applications. None of them are designed for highway service, regardless of what vehicle they go on.

Carlisle Turf Trac R/S Tires – Carlisle has been around since 1917, when they began making inner tubes for the Montgomery Ward department store and catalog. The Turf Trac R/S is a versatile turf tire with ample tread depth and low pressure, with an even, symmetrical tread design and rounded shoulders.

Carlisle Turf Saver – Designed for residential riding mowers, the Carlisle Turf Saver features a flat profile, wide tread area and chevron tread design for traction that won’t abuse turf. The Turf Saver is available in a wide range of sizes, making it especially versatile for different applications.

Carlisle Power Trac II – Available as Power Trac, Super Lug and Tru Power varieties, the Carlisle Power Trac II is a perfect fit for garden tractors, snow throwers, trenchers and tillers, with an aggressive Ag-Lug chevron tread.

Carlisle Turf Mate – Ideal for commercial mowers, the Carlisle Turf Mate is designed to be extra-gentle on turf while still providing good traction on grass. Turf Mate tires won’t dig up turf even on the sharpest turns, and their design makes them exceptionally easy to steer.

Carlisle Multi Trac CS R3 – For general mowing and turf applications, the Carlisle Multi Trac CS R-3 features a flotation design to spread and disperse the vehicle’s weight and not tear up turf or grass. Designed for turf, mowing and maintenance vehicles.