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How Does Buying Tires Online Work

The Internet has changed the tire retail business, just like it’s changed how many people purchase their goods. Some might think that it’s time-consuming, expensive or inconvenient to do their tire shopping online, so they still head down to a chain retailer to get their tires and have them installed. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth.  The reality is that buying tires online is, well... Simple!

Buying tires online eliminates the middleman and the necessary overhead of paying installers and retail help, or maintaining a brick-and-mortar store, passing the savings along to the buyer. It also gives you the option of doing all your homework beforehand, studying up on consumer guides and reviews to make your choices, then taking away the hassle of being high-pressured by a salesman who’s paid on commission. You’ll also find a much wider range of brands, styles and price points than a chain store will offer.

SimpleTire tries to provide our users with the options that allow you to narrow down your choices according to year, make and model of your car, then you can further refine your picks according to suspension package, tire size, engine and drivetrain, etc. You’ll then be given a price for the entire set; while you may have to pay some shipping charges, chances are you won’t be charged a state sales tax unless the retailer or distribution center is in your state.

The tires are then shipped to an installation center in your area; you’ll be able to find an installation center by entering your ZIP code into the site. Along with savings on the front end, you’ll likely avoid many of the other ancillary charges that go along with a chain tire store. The question is, why would you not want to make your tire purchase online?