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Eldorado Tires Offers New Tires Geared for Crossover and SUVs


So you’re in your Crossover vehicle driving down the road.  You got the windows open, sunglasses on, and the music jamming. You hang a right at the next light and, pop!  Oh no, you blew a tire.  Now what?

Well, you are in luck.  The Crossover segment has taken over the automobile world.  With more than 50 cars to choose from, it’s seems everyone has a Crossover or SUV these days.  Luckily, tire manufacturers have taken notice.  They continue to create many different options to fit your vehicle.  One recent option offered by Eldorado Tires is their new Eldordo Performer Sport HT.

This premium highway tire was developed for the late model Crossover and SUV.  It engineering features a quiet and comfortable ride.  It’s modern all season design, is built to perform in all road conditions, while still complementing the beauty of your vehicle.  It also has strategically placed traction elements, which enhance handling and control during wet weather.  Most importantly, it has a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty that will help you get the most miles out of your vehicle.

The Performer Sport HT comes in a multitude of sizes fitting most Crossovers and SUVs.  Comparable to similar Michelin and Goodyear Tires, the Performer Sport HT provides you with the performance and longevity you look for in a tire at an exceptional price.

So don’t fret about that flat tire. The Eldorado Performer Sport HT will have you back enjoying the road in no time.