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Cooper Tires Ratings - What They Mean

The process of selecting new tires for a vehicle can seem complicated. While recommendations are provided regarding the appropriate tire size, the brand and the type of tire can make a difference in the amount of traction and the usefulness of the tires. By understanding the meaning of Cooper Tires ratings, it is possible to select the best tire for the vehicle and the expected driving conditions.

Cooper Tires Ratings

Basics of Tread Wear Numbers When Looking at Cooper Tires Ratings

Cooper Tires ratings will provide details relating to the tread wear. The wear number helps evaluate the amount of time the tires will last. In most cases, the number is compared to the control tire of 100. This means that the rate at which the tire will wear down over time will compare to the rate of normal wear and tear on that control of 100.

In the case of Cooper Tires ratings, this means that the tires with a rating of 400 will last four times longer than the control tire. In the case of a rating of 360, the tires will last 3.6 times longer than the control tire.

Cooper Tires have variable wear rates based on the specific tire. The rates can range from 220 to 560 and consumers should evaluate that figure before buying the tires. While the rate does not relate directly to the driving conditions or the vehicle, it is an important part of determining when to change the tires.

Traction Rating Basics on the Cooper Tire

Cooper Tires have traction ratings of either AA or A, depending on the specific tire. The traction rating is the key to determining the ability to stop during poor driving conditions. Cooper Tires have excellent traction ratings and are likely to stop within a short period of time when driving on a wet surface.

The tires with an AA rating are among the best available because the traction is very good. The tires will stop quickly and do not easily spin out on a wet or icy surface. It is possible to drive in some of the worst condition and three of the tires available from Cooper Tires are rated AA: the Lifeliner SLE Sport, the Zeon 2XS and the Zeon RS3.

The tires with an A rating have good traction and can stop quickly in poor driving conditions. Most Cooper Tires have an A rating for traction and are ideal for general driving needs.

Cooper Temperature Rating Basics

The temperature ratings for Cooper Tires are primarily A or B, though the Cobra Radial G/T has a rating of C. Although the temperature rating might not seem important when compared to the traction, it is still a vital part of selecting the right tires.

The temperature rating refers to the tire’s resistance to heat. While driving the tires will heat up and become worn out over time. When the weather is hot, the amount of heat the tires must resist is increased. When the tire rating is A, the resistance to heat is higher. A B rating means the tire has an average tolerance to heat and is more likely to blow out than a tire with an A rating in hot weather. The C rating is the lowest and indicates that the tire is not the best for driving in hot weather or a desert location.

Cooper Tires ratings are primarily good for general driving conditions. Since the ratings are high, the tires are appropriate for most vehicles and weather conditions. Although the ratings are the foundation to help select the right tires for a vehicle, the best tires will depend on the expected driving conditions and the vehicle.

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