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Coolest Concept Cars for 2014

Over the years, manufacturers always field some concept cars at the Detroit Auto Show and others around the world. Sometimes they’re showcasing some great ideas, other times…not so much. Here are some standouts we noticed for 2014: 

  • Audi Allroad Shooting Brake – A “shooting brake” is a really archaic term for a small station wagon design, and the Audi Allroad is a sort of tiny crossover SUV…with a 408 horsepower hybrid drivetrain. This tidy little crossover looks like something that could actually make it to production and to car dealerships someday.

  • Mini Cooper John Cooper Works Concept – This one also has a pretty good chance at production, with an unpainted sheet metal body and an assortment of stripes, flares and scoops to go along with a tweaked suspension and upgraded drivetrain.

  • Toyota FT-1 – Toyotas have gotten a reputation for dependable, comfortable, bland cars…and the FT-1 may be just the thing to turn that around. It’s got sleek, swooping lines, and the talk is pointing toward a V8 derived from Lexus’ LFA V-10 engine.

  • Jeep Jeepster – This one will definitely be hitting dealer lots for 2015. Designed by Fiat, the Jeepster will replace the Jeep Compass and Patriot, and will be powered by either Jeep’s 2.4 liter 184-horsepower 4-cylinder or Fiat’s 1.4 liter 160-horsepower turbo 4.