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Can Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Save You Money?

Yes! A tire pressure monitoring system can save you money and here's how--

First, tires that are properly inflated last longer. There is less tread wear on a tire that is properly inflated, so your tires need to be replaced less often. Also, proper inflation helps protect the side walls, resulting in reduced chance of blowouts. Blowouts are dangerous enough, but if you are towing another vehicle, trailer, or boat, blowouts are even more frightening.

Overinflated tires don't "feel" the road as well and are more prone to damage from potholes and foreign road objects. Over inflation also leads to uneven tread wear. Rapid tread wear leads to rapid tire failure and, therefore, expensive tire replacement.

Under inflation causes the tire to "bend" more as it rolls. These tires are much more likely to fail while you are driving.

Second, tires that are properly inflated can save you money on gasoline. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by up to 30%, thereby saving you up to 8 cents per gallon on gas. With gasoline prices on the rise again, this savings can be a huge benefit. If you are taking a driving vacation this summer or if you RV either full time or part time, you can put money in your gas tank oryou can spend any extra money in more pleasurable ways!

Tires that are under inflated (that is, less "round") require more energy to get moving and to maintain speed. More energy equals more gas equals more money out of your pocket. Again, don't you have better things to spend your money on than gasoline?

Do you check your tires at least once a month? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that as many as one in three cars has underinflated tires. Tires can lose as much as 1 psi a month. Tires that are under inflated by as little as 6 psi could fail. In reality, that "little" 6 psi can account for up to 20% of the total proper inflation!

Tire pressure monitoring systems can save you money by monitoring your tires in real time. With the push of a button you can check up to 64 tires. (Wouldn't you like to see the RV with that many tires?) The systems generally start at about 0, plus sensors--the cost of a typical 5th wheel tire or twice the average cost of one motor coach tire. Many systems require no special tools for installation and do not need to be professionally installed.

Be honest. Can you really see every tire on your vehicle and the vehicle you are towing? Even most rear cameras don't allow this. What if you tow an RV with your truck and also have a tow vehicle attached to the rear of your RV? Tires have blown out and caused fires before the driver notices!

You can keep an eye on your tire pressure monitor or you can keep an eye on the money flowing out of your pocket!

About the Author

Rhonda Tobin is a published writer who is beginning her tenth year of full-time RVing. To promote safety and economy, she markets tire pressure monitioring systems.