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Black Friday Tire Deals

Buy Tires for Cheap - Black Friday Tire Deals

Black Friday is almost here, and that means deals, deals, deals. If you're wondering whether or not to wait until Black Friday to buy tires, we'd suggest that you wait. It's more than the malls and department stores that are participating in crazy deals on the biggest shopping day of the year.

This economy is hard for everyone, and we all want a good deal on new tires. With the winter coming and the holiday season on its way consumers are ready for bargains. Check out our Black Friday tire shopping tips.

Buy Online to Avoid Crowds

Something maybe you hadn't considered, is purchasing your tires online. Just like at the department stores, tire stores have their Black Friday deals online too. Here at simpletire.com, we make it easy to buy online, and you can rest assured we have the best prices on tires.

Discount Codes

Black Friday is all about discount codes, both online and in-store. Search a little online for coupons and discount codes before heading to buy tires on Black Friday. The extra discounts will save you a ton of money the day after Thanksgiving.

Go Early

Just like major department stores open early on Black Friday, so do tire retailers. Make sure you are there early while everyone else is out at the mall. If you wait until later in the day, you may have to leave your car for the day or overnight to get the deals on Black Friday.

Research Before You Go

Check reviews of the tires you're looking to purchase before you buy. Consumer Reports is a good place to start. Reviews will help you decide which tires are best for you and will hold up the best over time. Not every Black Friday tire deal out there is a good one. Make sure you're armed with knowledge so you aren't swayed to buy something you really don't need.

Price Comparison Shop

The great thing about all of the technology in our lives is being able to check prices before you go to the store. Most stores post Black Friday deals several days in advance so you have ample time to compare prices so you get the best deal on your tires.


Black Friday can be one of the best days of the year to buy tires. Just follow our simple tips to get the best deals possible. Are you planning on buying tires this year on the biggest shopping day of the year? If so, share your thoughts with us!