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Average Life of an All Season Tire

Tire service life can hinge on a lot of different things. Driving habits, tire maintenance, front-end alignment, condition of suspension components and regular rotation schedules can all have a huge effect on the treadwear and service life of your tires. Also, tires can vary greatly in design and rubber compound; softer, “stickier” rubber compounds will wear much more quickly than other formulations, for instance.

All-season tires, like the name implies, are designed for year-round use and can still provide traction in winter conditions, provided that you don’t see an excess of snow and ice or extreme cold in your area. They’re designed for a comfortable, quiet ride and good performance in most conditions. Tire technology has improved greatly in recent decades, and even inexpensive tires can offer long treadwear warranties these days. Typically, a decent-quality all-season tire can include a 70,000 mile warranty, albeit with certain conditions. Just remember to drive sanely, keep your front end aligned, rotate your tires regularly and check your inflation and you will most likely go the whole distance on that warranty!