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Are You Ready for the Fourth of July?

Its that time of year; fireworks and spending time in the great outdoors. It’s a great time to be an American enjoying all the holiday has to offer. As you prepare to head out to enjoy your favorite holiday traditions, make sure you check all your tires before you leave to ensure a worry free weekend.

RV Tires

If you have not taken your RV out in a while, you will defiantly need to check the age and condition of your tires. Hot and cold weather will compromise the sidewalls of your tires rendering them unsafe for driving condition. Check for cracks and hardening of the rubber compound in the sidewalls and tread. RV tires need to be replaced every few years regardless of road wear. If you need to replace your RV tires here’s our top recommendation:

Trailer Tires

Are you thinking of taking your boat out this weekend? Make sure your trailer tires are up to the task. Blowing a trailer tire can seriously damping your weekend fun. Check you tires for wear and age issues. If you haven’t used your trailer tires in a while, check for signs of age and weathering. This will appear as sidewall cracking and brittleness of the tread. Check your air pressure and refill as necessary. If you need to purchase new trailer tires, here are a few recommendations:


The fourth of July is a great time to take your ATV out on the trails. Before you load them on your trailer this weekend, make sure you check those tires. Check for damage from rocks from your last trip and make sure the tires are properly inflated. Notice the age of the tires, as ATV tires need to be replaced over time regardless of wear. All rubber compounds in tires break down over time due to seasonal hot and cold air temperature changes. If you need to purchase new trailer tires, here are a few recommendations: