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3 Tips to Keep Your Paint Shining

We know you’re proud of your ride and want to keep it looking good. Here are some ideas to keep it as shiny and sharp-looking as it did from day one:

  • Be careful about washing:Not all car washes are created equal; the kind with rotating brushes can wear down your car’s finish, especially on an older car. Opt for a no-touch car wash if possible, or just go ahead and wash it yourself. And never, ever wash with laundry detergent or dish soap – the detergent will immediately strip all the wax from your car’s finish. Go with a quality car wash formulation from your local auto parts store. Also, dry your car off afterwards if possible, with a terrycloth towel or chamois; dried water spots not only don’t look good, they can damage your finish.

  • Keep your car under cover:The sun is the biggest enemy to your car’s finish (as well as your interior surfaces and upholstery). If possible, keep your car under a carport or garage as much as possible. Be leery, however, of keeping it parked under a tree, as sap and deposits will also degrade your car’s finish.

  • Wax and polish:Your car should have a polish job at least once a year; if the finish is already oxidized or faded, a good polish will bring the life back to the surface. Along with wax, your car should be polished at least once a quarter or so. When polishing, watch for when the polish dries to a light haze; trying to remove dried, powdery polish can leave marks on your car’s finish.