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18-Wheeler with a Blown Tire... Now What??


You just finished a 10 hour stretch down the famous Route 66.  Suddenly you notice your trailer begining to pull and shake.  You quickly turn into the nearest truck stop to check out the situation.  A blown tire.  Dang, what do you do?  Well, you have that extra spare retread that will at least get you back home, but then what?  This is a problem many truckers are facing today.  With tire prices soaring, there doesnt seem to be many other options for commercial truck tires other than the local truck tire stores.  

Well my friend, you are in luck. Online tire retailer,, is one of the only tire dealers trying to tackle this problem.  They have spent the last few months building up their commercial truck tire inventory and now has it available for truckers and trucking companies online.  Carrying all major brands like Bridgetone and Goodyear to those harder to find private label brands like Gladiator tires and Double Coin, SimpleTire has the right tire no matter what your trucking needs are.  "We have found a strong niche market with commercial truck tires," says COO Josh Chalofsky.  

There are plenty of sites out there that sell passenger and light truck tires.  But few, if any, that carry commercial truck tires.  And with over 15 million trucks operating within the US, the need has never been greater.  So next time you are sitting in your big rig at your local truck stop, whip out that smart phone and check out for all your truck tire needs.