How to Measure Tire Tread

Using a penny to measure tread on tire with low tread
When it comes to tire safety, don’t tread lightlyWhat is tread? 
Tread is the part of a tire that contacts the road. The ribs and grooves in the tread are designed to help your tires grip the road in all kinds of conditions. Tires at or above the recommended level of tread give you better traction and evacuate water so you won’t hydroplane on wet roads or spin out on snow and ice. 
Bald isn’t beautiful — at least not on tires.
Your average tire begins with 10/32" of tread. Most states required that tires be replaced when the tread depth wears to 2/32". If your trea ...[more]

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Continental Announces Recall for United States

It has come to SimpleTire’s attention that Continental has issued a recall on the following tires:


General Grabber 33x12.50R18 LT 118Q






















The following statement was released on 1/20/2017:

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (Continental) is recalling certain General Tire Grabber light truck tires, size 33x12.50R18 LT 118Q, Load Rang ...[more]

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How Different Tread Works

Surely you’ve noticed the wide range of tread patterns and styles available between different tire brands and models. Here’s a brief technical breakdown of how they all work: 

  • Tread patterns: Tires are commonly designed with symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional tread patterns. Symmetrical treads are the most common, with ribs or tread blocks where the inboard and outboard sections of the tire come together and match. Asymmetrical tread patterns vary the groove pattern of the tire to help deflect water and snow in all-season conditions, making them a good pick for year-round use. The grooves on directional tires form a V shape at the tire’s center, helping to displace water and avoid hydroplaning. The geometry of the tread blocks and tread pattern is designed to fulfill very dedicated, s ...[more]

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