We go to Argentina for our latest innovative find: the Samsung Safety Truck.

Most drivers know the frustration of being stuck behind a semi-trailer truck. You can’t see around it! Now, imagine driving in a country where most roads have only two lanes. Many of us who live in larger cities might take it for granted that we can simply change lanes — not so for many parts of the world. One truck in front of you means all you see is the back of said truck. Not only can it be emotionally frustrating, but truly, it presents a safety hazard. In fact, according to Samsung, Argentina’s traffic accident incidences are among the world’s highest.

But what if you could (bear with us) see through the Samsung truck?

With the Samsung Safety Truck, which first began testing on Argentinian roadways in 2015, you can. Claiming to revolutionize road safety, the Safety Truck features a camera in the front that’s connected to a large screen in the back. And voilà!