Take our road trip quiz to find out what kind of road warrior you are. That’s right — Road. Warrior. That’s what we’re calling all of you who get into your cars, vans, SUVs, CUVs, trucks, or whatever and drive in the name of vacation. Whether you’re venturing out on a family road trip or a solo jaunt, it’s a lot of work! Even when you want to head to the beach and do nothing, you still need to plan, pack, and travel.
Are you an amusement park enthusiast or a serene solo adventurer? Do you plan elaborate, educational excursions, or are you more into taking a chill beach vacation with friends and no rules or routines? Most importantly in our opinion, are your tires ready for your road trip?
Don’t take this too seriously — the result probably won’t be able to match you perfectly. Just answer the questions knowing where you are in life right now and see what happens.
1. When planning for a road trip, you feel:
A. Challenged 
B. Excited 
C. Stressed
D. All the feelings!
2. Your preferred companions are:
A. Companions? I go solo.
B. Friends
C. Anyone and everyone
D. Kid(s)
3. Your preferred destination is:
A. Mountains
B. Beach
C. Historical landmarks
D. An amusement park
4. If you had to choose only one activity, it would be:
A. Hiking in the wilderness
B. Soaking in the rays
C. Museums, monuments, and more!
D. Building sand castles
5. When the trip is over, you feel:
A. Exhilarated by the experience
B. Rested and ready to tackle reality
C. Smarter for having gone
D. Tired but excited for the next trip
Mostly A:
Fearless Trailblazer.
The natural world is calling to you, and you’re going to answer — even if you have to do it alone. Just make sure you tell someone where you’re going so you can live to hang-glide from another cliffside! And don’t forget to get the right tires installed before making your vehicle climb a mountain, either.
Mostly B:
Rejuvenation Seeker.
Sand, sun, and the shoreline are calling to you. Beach vacations with your friends are one of the only reasons you get up and go to work every morning. You might want to invest in some summer tires that can handle the heat, though, so you can keep your good vibes going.
Mostly C: 
Wise Wanderer.
You’re the one with all the plans, and you’ve got a schedule to stick to. It doesn’t matter who comes with you, but no matter who comes along, you’re all going to learn a lot. You want to learn the backstory for every place you visit and feel like you’re a part of that history. Just make sure your tires aren’t as old and worn as some of those landmarks before you go.
Mostly D: 
Frazzled Family Traveler.
Wherever you go, it’ll have to be kid friendly. Whether that’s because you actually have kids or are just a big kid at heart, your road trip is likely to inspire a lot of different feelings along the way, from wonder to frustration. You can dispel some of the negative feelings ahead of time by giving your tires a check-up before you head out.