Now, every tire offered on our site qualifies for free shipping, with no minimum purchase required! This applies to every tire order placed through the website and delivered to any home, business–or installation center within the continental U.S.
SimpleTire is the first tire retailer ever to offer free shipping on every type of tire. The service includes all tires for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles, farm applications, ATV/UTVs, and trailers, as well as industrial, OTR and other various specialty vehicles. By offering over 55,000,000 tires from more than 300 brands across all categories, people can search the ultimate breadth and depth of choices to find the right tires for them.
Shoppers can go on our website and search for tires that fit their vehicle by inputting their tire size or vehicle year, make and model. Customers can then refine their search results by brand, price, tire type, performance, and more to find tires that suit their needs.
“Online shoppers don’t expect to get free shipping on tires due to their large size and weight, especially large tires that normally incur shipping fees. With our business model, we’re able to ship any size tire to any location in the U.S., at no additional cost to the customer,” said SimpleTire CEO Andy Chalofsky.
In addition to receiving free delivery in 2-4 days, customers can also schedule their tire mounting and balancing during the checkout process by selecting an available date and time that fits their schedule–making a two-step process now one. 
“We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and offer more convenience to customers to create a great experience. From ongoing customer feedback and research, we know that more customers want free shipping on online orders,” said Chalofsky.
Online shoppers aren’t the only ones that benefit from our free shipping initiative. Our low-cost, high-volume business model supports and links over 3,000 independent tire distributors and 10,000+ nationwide installers across the country into one seamless data network, helping our network of constituents grow their business through e-commerce sales. This includes both large national partners as well as smaller local mechanics and repair shops, which represent a large portion of our nationwide installers.