A new feature launched on our website, which helps truck drivers find tires specific to their type of truck. 
The new application filter allows truck drivers to refine search results by specific tires for various commercial vehicles (long haul, regional, mixed service, urban). In addition to filtering results by vehicle type, truckers can also improve their search results by price, brand, position tires (steer, drive, trailer, all position), and load range.
“We are constantly adding new features to the website to create a better experience for drivers,” said SimpleTire eCommerce Marketing Manager for Commercial Tires, John Langan. “Prior to the application filter project, SimpleTire customers relied heavily on product descriptions from manufacturers to find the products they needed. This tool takes a process that requires tire knowledge, time, and research and makes it available to SimpleTire customers with one click,” Langan added.
There are several types of tires available in the market that are suitable for both long haul and regional applications. However, each type of tire has distinct characteristics designed for specific driving needs. Truckers may have different tire needs depending on their profession, and selecting the appropriate tire for their truck will have a direct impact on performance and handling.
Long haul tires are designed to travel well over 100,000 miles each year and are driven primarily on highways; whereas regional tires are designed to travel between 25,000 - 75,000 miles each year, driven on highways and secondary routes. Since most highway driving involves straight roads with infrequent stops, long haul tires experience minimal abrasion. Regional tires turn more often and encounter rougher road conditions, which leads to higher abrasion when compared to long haul tires. Because of this, long haul tires have deeper treads that are designed for longevity and regional tires have tougher rubber compounds to fight scrub-wear and abrasion.
“From ongoing customer feedback, we know that this tool will benefit our customers and create an improved experience when shopping for truck tires,” said Langan.